Andrew Greenberg

Executive Director, Georgia Game Developers Association

Andrew Greenberg, executive director of the Georgia Game Developers Association, has been making his living as a game developer since 1990. A fellow with the Mythic Imagination Institute, Andrew is also organizer of the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Games Expo (SIEGE). He chairs the DeKalb Entertainment Commission and serves on the board of the Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office. Best known for designing computer games and roleplaying games, Andrew co-created the “Fading Suns” roleplaying and computer games and was the original developer of White Wolf’s “Vampire: The Masquerade.” He has also worked on products with other roleplaying game companies, including “Star Trek Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine.” His computer game credits include Dracula Unleashed, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Emperor of the Fading Suns, Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation, Merchant Prince II, Mall Tycoon, Dungeon Crawlers, Dungeon Lords, The Virtual World of Kaneva, Railroad Tycoon Mobile and the Global Agenda MMO. More info can be found at

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