Austen Roberts

Executive Producer, Skillshot Media

Veteran esports producer/director for live events and online broadcast. Working with a multitude of streamers, influences and esports professional players creating a unique and entertaining story-line. Several years of experience dealing with crewing, talent, budgets, pre and post production pieces for small and large quality broadcasts both on live stream and network television. Served as the Showrunner for the inaugural Rogue Company Invitational hosted in our facility this past January along with Executive Produced and Managed the production for the first pro wresting event, "Zicky Dice's Outlandish Paradise" for Twitch. Coordinated and Produced three Live broadcast for Brawlhalla a Ubisoft licensed studio 2 exclusive HP Omen Oasis Championships and 1 World Championship, Executive Produced and Coordinated both a live to tape and post production project along side Warner Media executing four one hour segment shows in a single day with 16 remote feeds all over the United States Produced, Directed, or TD'ed: Brawlhalla Midseason Invitational (10-12); June Microsoft Atlanta HQ Grand Opening (May 3, 2022); Collegiate Esports Commissioner's Cup (May 4-6, 2022); Zicky Dice Trouble in Paradise (April 1, 2022); Cxmmunity Doordash Rocket League Showcase (March 30, 2022); Brawlhalla HP Omen Invitational (February 27-28, 2022); Rogue Company Invitational (January 4-5, 2022); Zicky Dice Outlandish Paradise (January 15, 2022); BR Gaming Nintendo Switch Winter Challenge (December 6, 2021); Brawlhalla Finals (November 13-14, 2021); HSEL Homeroom Fall Season (October-December, 2021) Brawlhalla Invitational (September 18, 2021); Queens Dar Alliance Showcase (June 22, 2021); NACE Spring Championship (April 23-24, 2021); Madden Showcase (January 13, 2021); (HyperX Showdown: Knockout (June 5, 2019); Triple Crown Royale (June 22, 2019); PlayTime with KittyPlays (June 21, 2019); NHL World Gaming Championship (June 18, 2019); Allied Esports R6 Minor for Ubisoft (June 7-9, 2019); DragonBall Legends Showdown (May 21-23, 2019).

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