Stephen Ellis

CEO + Founder, Zygo Media & Pipeline

Spent my early 20s competing as a professional gamer in over 40+ countries and streaming to millions on Twitch. Being at the beginning of Twitch, I became really passionate about the creator economy and spent the second half of my 20s at Facebook building out the gaming video business (monetization, video infra, global creator programs). After seeing how poorly the industry supported aspiring creators, my co-founder and I set out to change this. We bootstrapped Pipeline a few years ago and are now backed by some of the biggest creators, founders and execs in the gaming industry. Our community is now 5000+ strong but we're just getting started. The future of work looks like an entire generation building an audience online and monetizing it. We are going to accelerate the industry towards a healthier middle class. As our creators found success through our programs, their needs grew. For years we had a joint venture with the leading content production agency in gaming, Zygo Media. After working together closely and realizing both myself and the founder of Zygo (Gareth) had a shared vision for the future of our industry, we decided to merge our companies.

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